Children’s Fellowship

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Children's Fellowship

Children are the heritage from the lord {psalms 127:3}

The children fellowship is such a peculiar one. It has to be handled with great concentration and concern. The children are the future and so should be giving the right training. They should be equipped with the correct knowledge because they will always replicate that which they are thought. At a tender age they should be exposed to the word of God which will mould and build them. They should be exposed to the right environment; environment has a great influence on children. At a tender age they can be thought about the person of the holy spirit, and also they can be lead to baptized by the holy spirit. 

Children should not be left behind in spiritual activities like constantly participating in church activities. Jesus said suffer not the little children to come unto me {Matthew 19:14}  The children ministry must be handled by spiritual Teachers adequately trained for the children ministry and also those that has the call as children teachers. Children ministry is actually not for everyone but for a selected few. Once a child is caught young in the right direction and is guarded in line, the child will not go astray as an adult. The children of today should be tutored with the right knowledge so they can be the right leaders we expect tomorrow.

Godly children today birth Godly generation tomorrow while Ungodly children will birth Ungodly generation tomorrow and this certainly would reflect on the society.To function excellently in the children ministry as a teacher you must behave like a child. Children understand better when you behave like them when teaching them.

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