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Faith Convenant Church International

Faith Convenant Church International believes in the fire operation of the Holy Spirit of God which refines, purifies and at the same time destroys. The mission of Faith Covenant Church International is one that believes in judgment of God on the wicked. The church believes that the oppressions and demonic manipulations are real; we equally recognize that the authority of God’s Power is more real, is all-powerful and all-pervading.

Faith Convenant Church International holds as true, the belief that all power belongs to God and that the devil and his cohorts has no scriptural right to control and manipulate the destinies of the children of God. We also believe that it is the right of believers to live fulfilled lives. Consequently, the ministry believes it is saddled with the Divine mandate to restore those Divine rights of believers.
Who Are We?

Malaysia FCCI

Pastor Sylvester

Head of FCCI Malaysia
Pastor Sylvester is the head of FCCI Malaysia.
Pastor Titus Iwori Malaysia

Pastor Titus Iwori

Pastor at FCCI Malaysia
Pastor Titus Iwori is a pastor at FCCI Malaysia Kajang Branch.
Minister Anike Steve

Minister Anike Steve

Minister at FCCI Malaysia
Minister Anike Steve is a minister at FCCI Malaysia.
Minister Anthony Nwoye

Minister Anthony Nwoye

Minister at FCCI Malaysia
Minister Anthony Nwoye is a minister at FCCI Malaysia.

Minister John West

FCCI Puchong Branch
Minister John West is a minister at FCCI Puchong Branch.
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